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Source: Barcelona a city that inspires
‘Everybody knows Barcelona is special. It’s not only about sun, football and Gaudí. This city is an inspiring city, powerful, technological and creative. Maybe you can’t tell it. It’s this something-special-in-the-air. Barcelona, a capital that inspires.’



‘Barcelona, with a history stretching back over 2,000 years and a unique identity, is known for its non-conformist character and enterprising spirit. It offers a creative and inspiring atmosphere, where anyone can develop a personal or professional project in a framework that is constantly evolving. For that reason Barcelona is a city that inspires. A creative, open and dynamic city that promotes a culture of innovation.’
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‘To talk about Barcelona means talking about the world’s mobile capital and an international benchmark for using technologies to develop smart city management. As the venue for the GSMA Mobile World Congress, which brings more than 70,000 professionals together each year, and the Mobile World Capital until 2018, Barcelona is a global reference point and an international centre for innovation and talent.’
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Research and knowledge:

‘Barcelona stands out for its clinical research and human healthcare, with 90 research centres and over 400 research groups established in the city and Catalonia dedicated to the life sciences, excelling in such areas as oncology, bio-nanomedicine and cardiovascular disease.’
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Fira De Barcelona:


Mobile World Congress:


Sonar Festival:


FC Barcelona:


‘Since the 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona has established itself as a unique place for organising major sports, cultural and technological events. It is a top-class setting for international sports events such as the World Swimming Championships held here in the summer of 2013. Recently the city also hosted the World Handball Championships and in 2014 the Palau Sant Jordi will be a venue for the World Basketball Championships.’
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‘Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, has established itself as one of the most important cities in Europe for doing business. For the last 14 years employees have regarded it as the best European city in terms of quality of life, according to the European Cities Monitor, and it is the only city in southern Europe where you can find one of the Mediterranean’s major ports, a high-speed railway station, an international airport, motorways linked to the European network, the second biggest trade-fair site in Europe and one of southern Europe’s biggest logistics zones in five straight kilometres.’
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Quality Of Life:


‘Barcelona is an open, cosmopolitan city, where social cohesion is a reality. The Catalan capital is ranked among the top cities in the world for quality of life, safety, security and equality. It is a city where it is easy to live well. A healthy city with a Mediterranean climate, green spaces and locally grown food. Living in Barcelona guarantees a good quality of life. The city also has good health and medical services, both public and private, as well as a quality education system, ranging from nursery schools to universities and higher education.’
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Experience It:


‘Living in Barcelona means living in one of the most progressive and attractive cities in Europe, not just for its great architecture and food, but also for its creativity and dynamism. By opening up to the world through the sea it has formed a link with other cultures. Artistic trends throughout history have left their mark, as you can see from the city’s Romanesque, Gothic and above all Modernista legacies. It is a city full of nuances and charm with a history marked by a diversity that sets it apart in the world. Barcelona’s streets house an important collection of public art, made up of over a thousand works of sculpture. The quality of design in the city is linked to the presence of art in its streets and squares.’
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Source: Barcelona a city that inspires

MikeBarcelona – A City, (and website), That Inspires!

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