Do you have the right skills?

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“As digital becomes business critical we need to re-evaluate the skills of digital professionals. Currently we overvalue technical competency at the expense of other more important attributes.

If you are a front-end coder, server side developer or even designer, I want to let you in on a secret. Those technical skills you have worked so hard to learn will soon become obsolete.

In my 20 years of working on the web I’ve seen many technologies come and go. Flash developers who spent years honing their skills only to find them become obsolete within a couple of years. Cold Fusion developers who backed the wrong horse. The list could go on.

Add to that the fact that technology has a habit of replacing jobs. As software grows in intelligence, it becomes capable of undertaking ever more complex tasks. You have to wonder whether people will be hand coding websites in 10 or 15 years.”

We are already seeing technologies emerge that are seeking to replace hand coding. The quality is not as good as hand coding, but before long it will be good enough. After all people used to make a lot of money from building bespoke content management systems. Tools like WordPress may not be as tailored to our clients need as a bespoke system but they are good enough.

We spend too much time focusing on technical competencies. This comes at the cost of other skills that in the long run are more important. We sneer at people who do not know how to code. But the truth is the skills they have will be more relevant to the future web than our skills.”

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MikeDo you have the right skills?

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