Boagworld – “Don’t just create a new website, create a new culture.”

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“If your organisation wants to be successful in its use of digital it cannot stop at rolling out a fancy new website or mobile app. It needs to address the culture of the organisation.

Since Digital Transformation came out in March, I have been doing a lot of consultancy. Consultancy for organisations struggling with digital adoption. Charities, universities, government, not for profits and the private sector. All are unsure how to adapt to the digital world we now live in.

Although keen to change, they are also hesitant. This manifests itself in the form of a question — ‘Can you point to an organisation who has made this kind of transformation?

This is a tough question because this kind of transformation will take years. That means the majority are still in the throws of the process. That said, I often refer to the Government Digital Service.”

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MikeBoagworld – “Don’t just create a new website, create a new culture.”

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