Facebook Timeline Brand Pages Are Here [PICS #CocaCola #Starbucks #Livestrong] via Mashable

Source: Mashable
“Much like with profiles, the new platform has the potential for real design beauty, but with the added bonus of multiple publicly-known storylines and angles to draw from. The cover photo can be especially powerful for its ability to display logos, products or personalities. The timeline itself showcases brands’ unique stories and identities. Facebook is also introducing some handy new admin capabilities, including the ability to sticky selected pieces of content for seven days.Timeline for profiles was designed to make Facebook a better medium for individuals to tell the stories that create their identities, and the philosophy for brands is no different, according to Timeline product manager Sam Lessin.“Organizations have identities too,” he said earlier this week.”

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MikeFacebook Timeline Brand Pages Are Here [PICS #CocaCola #Starbucks #Livestrong] via Mashable

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