Lessons in brand design from Starbucks, Nike and Lego #Branding #Design

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“Stanley Hainsworth shares his branding wisdom at Design Indaba.

Day one of the ever-phenomenal Design Indaba conference in Cape Town boasted an eclectic line-up of designers from across the creative spectrum, held together by an infectious passion for creativity and the power that design can have, and most importantly a burning desire to share it with the world.”

Things kicked off with South African ad agency Joe Public‘s impressive dance routine to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Black Or White, and closed with a hugely entertaining presentation from regular Design Indaba MC and longstanding friend of the conference, Pentagram’s Michael Bierut.

In the middle of the bill was Stanley Hainsworth, founder of Seattle-based branding agency Tether, who previously spent 20 years as creative director at three of the world’s most iconic brands: Nike, Lego and Starbucks. We caught up with him for a chat in between sessions to discuss the lessons that this career-defining stint taught him.”

Nike: Attitude is everything

“Nike is an attitude,” argues Hainsworth. “You can describe the look and feel of Apple; with Nike it’s hard to do that, but you can describe its attitude.”

While there are countless ways to build a distinctive brand, Hainsworth believes in Nike’s case it was understanding how that ethos could be translated across all its brand touchpoints that helped develop it into such an iconic force in the world of branding.”

“That attitude very much came from the founder, Phil Knight,” he adds. “It was about doing something that no-one’s done before. The athletes they recruited, like John McEnroe and Charles Barkley, were bad boys. They all had attitudes, and that really fit the brand.”

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MikeLessons in brand design from Starbucks, Nike and Lego #Branding #Design

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