Accessibility originates with UX – BBCiPlayer

[Source: Smashing Magazine] “Not long after I started working at the BBC, I fielded a complaint from a screen reader user who was having trouble finding a favorite show via the BBC iPlayer’s home page. The website had recently undergone an independent accessibility audit which indicated that, other than the odd minor issue here and there, it was reasonably accessible. …

MikeAccessibility originates with UX – BBCiPlayer

Lessons in brand design from Starbucks, Nike and Lego #Branding #Design

[Source: Creative Bloq] “Stanley Hainsworth shares his branding wisdom at Design Indaba. Day one of the ever-phenomenal Design Indaba conference in Cape Town boasted an eclectic line-up of designers from across the creative spectrum, held together by an infectious passion for creativity and the power that design can have, and most importantly a burning desire to share it with the …

MikeLessons in brand design from Starbucks, Nike and Lego #Branding #Design

User flow patterns

[Source: Abduzeedo Design Inspiration] “Designing mobile applications is much more than beautiful pictures, it goes from a clear understanding of the problem to the constraints users might find along the way. With that, designers must tell a story, and like video-games, it requires an on-boarding process to welcome users and also show them what they can and cannot do with …

MikeUser flow patterns

Branding – “The move towards brand worlds.”

[Source: D&AD] “In 2003 Heidi Lightfoot co-founded Together Design, an award-winning design and branding company with an emphasis on collaboration and craft. This year she will sit on the D&AD Crafts for Design Jury. Below, Heidi traces the move away from style guidelines and towards brand worlds. Read on if you want to learn how to write a style guide, and …

MikeBranding – “The move towards brand worlds.”

Do you have the right skills?

[Source: Boagworld] “As digital becomes business critical we need to re-evaluate the skills of digital professionals. Currently we overvalue technical competency at the expense of other more important attributes. If you are a front-end coder, server side developer or even designer, I want to let you in on a secret. Those technical skills you have worked so hard to learn …

MikeDo you have the right skills?

London > Canterbury > London #Photography

Gatwick Airport Battersea Power Station Canterbury Cathedral ASK me why I'm in Canterbury! Untitled, Canterbury The Millers Arms, Canterbury The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury Untitled, Canterbury Brand Canterbury Chilling in the sun, Canterbury Almost time to perform in Canterbury Canterbury Cathedral Sun hotel, Canterbury The Millers Arms, Canterbury Kings Cross, London Almost time to come home
MikeLondon > Canterbury > London #Photography

St Peter Port #Photography #Architecture

St Peter Port #1 St Peter Port #2 St Peter Port #3 St Peter Port #4 St Peter Port #5 St Peter Port #6 St Peter Port #7 St Peter Port #8 St Peter Port #9 Self portrait St Peter Port #10 St Peter Port #11
MikeSt Peter Port #Photography #Architecture

Barcelona reworked [2010] #Photography

La Sagrada Família from Cristobal de Moura Regeneration - Cristobal de Moura Avenue Diagonal Barca Barcelona at night from a rooftop in Cristobal de Moura Untitled Untitled Diagonal Mar [1]Diagonal Mar [2] Sant Joseph Market – La Boqueria
MikeBarcelona reworked [2010] #Photography