[Source: TEDxStPeterPort] “The aim of TEDxStPeterPort is to inspire, engage and catalyse the Guernsey population to make positive, innovative steps to improving quality of life on the island.

TEDxStPeterPort seeks to raise the bar for the perception of what is possible to achieve and deliver the message to Guernsey that “Nothing Is Impossible.”

We will be leveraging the TEDx brand to deliver inspiring speakers from all over the world to answer challenging questions relevant to local problems and will be specifically focussed on speakers who have delivered community level innovation projects that have had a positive impact on quality of life.

TEDxStPeterPort aims to address a wide range of disciplines covering every aspect of life on the island.”

*TEDx is a strictly not for profit event.*

Visit the official TEDxStPeterPort website to:

Buy tickets
Find out about the speakers
View the schedule
Watch the TEDxStPeterPort 2014 talks


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