Wake – A Private Space to Discuss Design Work

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“One of the most important things during the design process is feedback. Collaborating with your team, designers, product managers and engineers is vital for a great execution. The process is certainly much easier said than done however. From the chaos, countless emails, presentations, printed boards, to you name it, a centralized service is long overdue and that’s what Wake was created to streamline, “A private space to share and discuss design work with your team”.

What is ‘Wake’?

Wake is an enterprise web, desktop and mobile platform that makes it super easy for designers to share work and collect feedback from their team. It was created by former Facebook product designer Chris Kalani and the Norwegian digital agency Bakken & Baeck.

We built Wake because we couldn’t find anything that would allow us to quickly share visual work as a team. Our communication was fragmented across different apps and nothing allowed us to seamlessly capture our design process. Slack, email, IM, Flowdock, HipChat and Basecamp were great for text­based communication. But none of these tools were designed for the type of work we do. We needed something that would allow us to freely share ideas while keeping everyone in the loop.

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“Wake has filled the gap between formal design reviews at Medium in a collaborative and lightweight way. It has increased transparency, continuity, and communication during our design process. We love it.” — Dustin Senos, Head of Design at Medium



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MikeWake – A Private Space to Discuss Design Work

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