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What is Web Summit?

‘In 4 years, Web Summit has grown from 400 attendees to over 22,000 from more than 110 countries. It’s been called “the best technology conference on the planet”. But we just think it‘s different. And that difference works for our attendees, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the world’s most exciting startups.’

Web Summit 2015 – Day 3 – 05/11/2015:

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Web Summit 2015 – Day 2 – 04/11/2015:

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Web Summit 2015 – Day 1 – 03/11/2015:

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1 Ticket = 21 Summits + 1,000 Speakers + 30,000 Attendees:

Startup Summit

Web Summit - Startup Summit
‘Learn from the world’s leading practitioners by day, and by night network with 5,000 of your peers from 200 cities across the world. Heavyweight CEOs and founders, top venture capitalists, and the most sought-after accelerators descend on Dublin for 3 days and 4 nights. Allow them share their stories with you.’
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 Investor Summit

Web Summit - Investor Summit
‘From the Global Heads of M&A and TMT at Goldman Sachs, to the head of new listings at NASDAQ, to the world’s leading angel and venture investors, we know how to connect the entire investor ecosystem. And that’s what our Investor Summit focuses on doing. Behind closed doors you’ll meet and exchange insights with investors from every major market and fund.’
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Accelerator Summit

Web Summit - Accelerator Summit
‘The Accelerator Summit will bring together 150 leading figures from the world’s top accelerators and incubators. It’s an opportunity to meet, discuss and learn from peers from more than 100 cities around the world. It will take place on Monday, November 2. Participants can then enjoy the three days of Web Summit.’
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Marketing Summit

Web Summit - Marketing Summit
‘Learn from the world’s leading practitioners by day, and by night network with 5,000 of your peers from 200 cities across the world.’
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Code Summit

Web Summit - Code Summit
‘Learn the state of the art from the very best. A tech conference that prides itself on its engineers and data scientists, we’re ensuring that this year’s gathering contains some of the most exciting developers, futurists and data scientists from around the world.’
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Night Summit

Web Summit - Night Summit
‘Web Summit doesn’t end at 5pm. From November 2 to November 5 we’re bringing legendary networking to the streets of Dublin. We’re partnering with some of the biggest companies in tech to throw parties for Web Summit attendees, startups, investors and speakers.’
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Society Summit

Web Summit - Society Summit
‘With a more flexible format and tone, it cuts through the hype of the latest funding rounds and commercial concerns to tackle the deeper, underlying matters that affect all of us, our culture and the way we live our lives.’
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Content Summit

Web Summit - Content Summit
‘The world’s leading content creators and platforms are descending on Dublin for three days and four nights to network and share insights on the future of content – joined by a new vanguard of startups.’
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Sport Summit

Web Summit - Sport Summit
‘Sport Summit is Europe’s premier sporting meeting place. After a hugely successful first year in 2014, Sport Summit is coming back to Web Summit 2015.’
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Design Summit

Web Summit - Design Summit
‘Design Summit unites the world’s leading graphic designers and artists responsible for the design of the world’s top institutions, globally recognised packaging, illustrations, products and posters. Even if you’re not a designer you can still enlighten your design sensibilities.’
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Pub Crawl

Web Summit - Pub Crawl
‘On the opening night of Web Summit, November 2, we take 5,000 of our attendees on Pub Crawls. If you were in Dublin last year, you might even have spotted Bono leading a group to his favourite pubs in Dublin. Web Summit doesn’t run to Dolly Parton’s clock – it’s not a 9 to 5 event. Pub Crawls kick off at 5pm, and runs until whatever time you make it.’
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Data Summit

Web Summit - Data Summit
‘In a tech conference powered by data science, we’re gathering the most thought-provoking and refreshing specialist speakers on data.’
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Machine Summit

‘Machine Summit is the place to join the revolution redefining how we interact with everyday products. Leaders will share their ideas on how the world is adapting to this new wave of products allowing us remote control over all aspects of our lives. ‘
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Food Summit

Web Summit - Food Summit
’30 Chefs + 32 Irish Counties + 90 Visiting Countries.’
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Money Summit

Web Summit - Money Summit
‘Business is changing faster than ever, particularly how companies sell, buy, secure and transact both online and offline. Money Summit will bring technologists developing these protocols together with entrepreneurs commercialising them.’
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Fashion Summit

Web Summit - Fashion Summit
‘Fashion Summit will incorporate many industry leaders and icons showcasing both the evolution and integration of fashion and technology that is all around us today – joined by the vanguard of social commerce and wearable startups.’
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Music Summit

Web Summit - Music Summit
‘The music landscape has been completely changed by innovation in technology, from how we listen to music, experience live music, make music – we now do these in ways that are greatly different to 10 years ago. Music Summit will bring artists, producers & managers defining the next generation of music together with entrepreneurs & innovators commercialising them.’
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Enterprise Summit

Web Summit - Enterprise Summit
Enterprise Summit will bring companies large and small from around the world to meet and learn how enterprise is evolving to meet the needs of a digital generation and modern business. We hosted EnterConf in Belfast this June, with attendees from 22 countries, startups from 11, and 70 brilliant speakers over two stages. For Web Summit 2015, we’re creating the Enterprise Summit.’
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HealthTech Summit

Web Summit - HealthTech Summit
‘Learn from the world’s leading health practitioners by day, before networking with 5,000 of your peers from 200 cities across the world by night.’
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City Summit

Web Summit - City Summit
‘Learn from the world’s leading practitioners about how technology is enhancing the quality and performance of cities.’
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Careers Night Summit

Web Summit - Careers Night
‘Student or Working? Attend Free.’
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MikeWeb Summit – Where the tech world meets.

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