“What you can learn from the new BBC news website.” [Article by Paul Boag]

[Source: Boagworld]

“The BBC are currently trialling an evolution of their news website. There are some interesting lessons to learn from this new beta site.

The BBC news website has been looking dated for a while now. But the digital team at the beeb haven’t been sitting on their hands. They are currently trialling a new beta site with a segment of their visitors.

As the BBC is such a high profile organisation in the UK, I thought I would see what we can learn from their approach to the redesign. We start with the most obvious, they have gone responsive.

Going responsive

With mobile web access growing exponentially it is unsurprising the new site is responsive. But what is interesting is that they have chosen to go responsive despite having native news apps on many mobile platforms.

I agree with this decision. I don’t believe that having a native app does away with the need for a responsive website. This drives home even further the cost of native applications. Having a native app does not remove the need (and cost) of a responsive website.”

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Mike“What you can learn from the new BBC news website.” [Article by Paul Boag]

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